Welcome Splash: Pure Scam or Pure Gold?

Online business models are growing at an exponential rate and so is the relative proportion of scam sites. The online business setting has various kinds of marketing schemes. Some build upon the mailing scheme, some use network marketing and so on. Many people fall prey to scammy network building sites, which promise loads of money with less investment and time. Let us test and review two such online marketing tools and find out if they are Scam or legit.

Welcome Splash

Welcome Splash has been designed to create pages that build up your mailing list. This is actually a word press plugin to which helps in creating pages. This makes it easy for users with little or no experience to create pages in no time. Using welcome splash you can increase your traffic significantly. How does it work? It usually works on the principle of creating attractive splash pages, which would funnel users to click on it.

Welcome splash comes in 3 designs schemes-image, testimonial, and video. The image splash pages will have a header, title, and image. You can also choose to add in extra text and also an opt-in form. The video splash uses the same scheme except for the image you can add a video. The testimonial allows you to add in a list of testimonial with either a video or image. The fonts and color patterns are completely customizable. This tool can be run in almost anywhere; it can be placed on an USB drive or any portable device. As it is a plug in the associated cost is a onetime investment of $77.

Submission Works

On the other hand we have Submission works, which works on the seven figure sutra.The owner Brandon wheeler describes his journey and his magic number 7. This online software is a very powerful tool to increase your market traffic considerably. Submission works functions solely on the proprietary algorithm based approach. Many users have written testimonials about the ability to create web traffic in less time.

How does it work? All you have to do is submit your links and the rest is taken care of by the software. The strategic approach is consistent and reliable. The traffic generated is legit and good quality. Another unique quality of this website is the presence of the saturation tool bar. This helps you to access your optimization level on the web. The saturation bar shows the number of pages indexed on the search engines. This leaves you to plan your advertising and marketing strategy in a worthwhile manner.

Submission works is a paid provider. In order to register you would have to pay as low as $59 per month. In figurative terms this is a very small investment to the greater good this tool provides.


Welcome Splash is a onetime buy with a user interface, which requires no technical training. The downside to this is it does not have anything more to offer other than page posts. On the contrary submission Works increases your market traffic and handles your advertising automatically. It is plug and play software, which requires less monitoring time leaving you spare time for important things.

Choose Submission Works now!

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