Submission Works & SL Genie: Your Wish is My Command!

With Submission Works and Safe Link Genie, you’re wishes can actually come true! These two systems don’t necessarily work well together but more specifically they work well along side each other. With each system playing a crucial role in your Internet Marketing Business. We all know the two of the biggest questions in Internet Marketing. And that’s, how do I drive traffic? And how do I send mass emails (In our case safe lists)? Well we have the answers to all you’re questions, and we can answer them for just $70.

Finding the right software for sending mass emails to hundreds and even thousands of willing and interested people in your safe list is  a complicated task. You want to find the best software at an affordable price that gets the job done and isn’t too complicated. You want something that gets rid of all the hard work, like scheduling mail and tracking. Well all that is in SL Genie. It’s an affordable in unbelievable simple software that gets rid of all that dirty work and tedious steps involved in managing a safe list.

We all know in Internet Marketing that sending out emails is crucial. The bigger the list the more important it is. And this can take time if we’re not using the right software. But SL Genie can create more time to do other things because it’s scheduling mail feature really makes it turnkey. Leaving time to spend time with love ones or take care of other aspects of your Internet marketing business.

That other part would be the marketing part. Which is probably the biggest part you will have to manage throughout your Internet Marketing career. Why not has the best tool on the market on your side? Submission Works is a great tool if you want to get all the hard work out of marketing. You Just send in your 7 Links to be submitted every month and you get traffic to your site or referral links. It’s  as easy as that nothing can be more simple and quick as Submission Works.

Have these two tools along side as each other is nothing more than pure genius. And the price they’re going for isn’t half bad either. You can pick up SL Genie for just $1 to try it for 14 days.  If you fall in love with it after those 14 days, which is totally understandable, you can upgrade you’re membership.

Submission Works is only $59 per month. With the value you’re getting with it, it should be way more. It’s probably the only thing like it available that’s so easy a 5 year old can be a success in Internet Marketing.

But Finally, If you’re new to Internet Marketing and looking for easy tools that can get you in par with the big guys these two indispensible systems work best in conjunction with each other. They’re definitely worth a look at.

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