Sell App Code 2.0 and Make Money – Simple!

Applications for mobile devices are very much the ‘in thing’ right now. For many marketers, it is a quick way to make incredible amounts of money with ease. The only problem is that making applications is expensive and difficult. Thankfully though, a nifty little product has got these people’s backs. That is App Code 2.0. It is intended to teach people the secrets of app developers, and of course lead people onto the path of creating their own high quality app. The quality of this product is great news for affiliate markets as it converts pretty well. The problem however is getting it into the eyes of the people that need it, and this is where Submission Works can help.

Submission Works is a brand new system designed to generate traffic to your website. Sure, you may have heard this all before, but trust me, nothing works in the same way as Submission Works does. Use this system and you will be able to generate real and targeted traffic to your App Code 2.0 offer pages. Your conversion rate will go through the roof! The system works by analysing each of the links you send it, and then putting them in places where they will seen by people who want to see them! Of course, if you are going to be offering App Code 2.0 you will want to have as many traffic sources as you possibly can in order to boost your conversions. Thankfully, due to the way in which the links are placed out there, there is no conflict with your Search Engine Optimization, so don’t worry about being removed from the search engines! To be honest though, using this system on its own should be more than enough to generate a passive income.

To use Submission Works to advertise App Code 2.0 in the most efficient manner, you need to sign up to Submission Works. It is a monthly subscription, but it isn’t too expensive. You can then submit the links to your offer pages. I suggest having a couple so that you can ‘split test’ to find the one which has the highest conversion rate. You can submit up to seven links, which is more than enough for the system to work, it also stops the system from being over utilised, which would end up being its downfall. After that it is a case of sitting back and waiting for your targeted traffic to come in and those conversions to go up. Remember, you will need to maintain your pages to ensure they convert well, but this shouldn’t take too much time.

Why not try out Submission Works today and start selling App Code 2.0. You are sure to make a substantial amount of profit on the monthly subscription fee, and you can also promote other affiliate programs too. This is as close to ‘auto pilot’ internet marketing as you are ever likely to get. Surely you want to sit back whilst your websites make money right?

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